Best Places to See in Asia

Asia is a big area, and for most people, a little overwhelming. There are so many different places to visit, including the Great Wall of China, Hong Kong, and of course Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. In China alone, not only does the Great Wall await, but capital city of Beijing, home of the 2008 Winter Olympics. There is Xi’an in the Shaanxi province, with it’s Terra Cotta Warriors, and surrounded by such natural beauty. One of the most impressive sights to behold the Mount Huangshan, known to Westerners as the Yellow Mountain. Here you will find mountain peaks shrouded in fog, unusual rock formations, and pine trees that are extremely old.

One of the first stops on a trip to Japan is going to be Tokyo, and this capital city has it all. With it’s Ginza shopping district, and modern tourism at its finest, there is much to take in. there is more to Japan though that this, There is Mount Fuji, and active volcano, as well as the Imperial Palace, the Kiyonizu Temple, and the many religious shrines in Nikko. You could also explore Honshu Island, to indulge in the true Japanese culture, and see the country’s first capital, Nara.

Whether it’s hiking in the tranquility of the lofty Himalayas, to see Nepal, or exploring one of the tallest buildings in the world at the Petronas Twin Towers, located in Kuala Lumpur, Southern and Eastern Asia are also places to see if you have the chance. Some of the best ways to travel in the jungles of Thailand is by elephant, exploring lost civilizations. If you are in this area, you need to go to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, where you can tour this spectacular area by motorcycle.

What visit to Asia would be complete without a visit to Singapore. This city is rich in history and one of the first stops should by a trip to the National Museum. Built in 1887, this is a neo-classical building sits in the heart of the city, and is one of the architectural gems of Singapore’s museums. There are Singapore’s 11 national treasures located here, one of which is the Singapore Stone, believed to date somewhere in the 13th century. There are four living galleries, and even a puppet theater.

Then there is the nightlife, which seems to come alive after dark. There are many different restaurants and dining opportunities, as well as the theaters and dancing. One of Singapore’s true underground clubs, the Home Club is a place where one feels like they are at a friend’s house enjoying some good entertainment. Another place to visit while here is Timbre@Substation, where musicians play in an open air atmosphere every night.

There are so many different places to see when you are visiting Asia. You would never expect to see them all in one trip, which is the reason people come back time and time again. There are some ways to see the highlights, though, with guided tours of some of the best hot spots. You can go on a 8 day adventure to see the best that China has to offer, from visiting the Great Wall, to the Terra Cotta Army, with stops in the country’s heartland before spending a the last few days in Hong Kong. There are many different travel websites that can help you plan you vacation.

Top Beaches in Asia

Asian beaches have a much different character than anything in the Western world. The sand is clean and the water warm, ocean life is abundant for the exploring, and there are plenty of opportunities for surfing, scuba diving, and boating. Or if you have a more sedentary afternoon in mind, you’ll usually find plenty of nearby places to lounge under a thatched roof or in a beach recliner, while people bring you tropical drinks in glasses made out of coconut shells.

With much of the coastlines in the tropical regions of Asia, it’s no small wonder that the beaches here are ranked as some of the most amazing in the world. Whether you’re lounging on a beach on an island off the coast of Thailand, on the South China Sea, or on the banks of the Mekong, you’re sure to have plenty to do. Beaches aren’t just beaches in Asia. You’ll see some great shopping with local craftspeople selling their wares, night markets, bazaars, and fabulous entertainment, along with some of the finest beachfront restaurants you could ever want.

Beachfront Dining

After a relaxing day on the beach, you won’t have to go far to find something to eat, and in many cases, you won’t have to move at all. Many beaches have food stands and rows of beach chairs, and people waiting to take your order. But beyond that, there’s nothing like a good sit-down restaurant overlooking the water, so brush off the sand and head on over for some freshly-caught seafood! The variety is astounding. You’ll find restaurants on the pier and on floating barges, restaurants in boats, and restaurants on the sand. In Kanchanaburi Thailand, you can enjoy some fresh crab at a restaurant overlooking the Mae Kwai, with a perfect view of the historic “Bridge over the River Kwai”. For you youngsters born after World War Two, that’s right, it wasn’t just a movie, it’s a real place. Feel free to walk across it while whistling the theme song from the film.

Beachfront Accommodations

Asia’s stunningly pure beaches are so compelling, you won’t want to leave. So why take a hotel room in town, when there are plenty of affordable, comfortable resorts right on the beach? There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and walking right out onto the sand to have your morning coffee as you watch the waves roll in off the sea. And depending on where you go, you will find a range of accommodations, ranging from a simple thatched hut to a five-star hotel. Those on a budget can still enjoy staying close to the beach with an amazing array of quaint bungalows and backpacker guest houses that will leave you with plenty of extra money in your pocket.

But while many regions are highly developed and feature luxurious accommodations, there are still plenty of unspoiled and undeveloped beachfront regions for those who want to rough it a little. Vietnam’s China Beach, which runs between Danang and Hoi An, is still largely undeveloped, and is a rare and beautiful gem in this Southeast Asian paradise. Closer to Danang, you will find more upscale resorts, but you’re just as likely to encounter a local spot with quaint grass huts to spend the night. Another rare and largely unexplored beachfront area is along the Sihanoukville coast in Cambodia, where you’ll still find accommodations built in traditional architectural styles.

Respect for Local Customs

The beautiful beaches throughout much of Asia attract people from all over the world, and tourists (and tourist dollars) are always welcome. But your trip will be more pleasant if you understand a bit about local customs, and resist imposing your own on the locals. Most local Asian cultures for example, tend to be modest, and public skinny-dipping or topless bathing is mostly a Western phenomenon. Yet many mistakenly believe that it is acceptable on Asian beaches. Respect the local customs and find out ahead of time whether it’s commonly accepted practice on any given beach before you drop your top.

Some of the most breathtaking beaches are also close by to other sites you may want to see, including Buddhist temples. Most Buddhist temples are open to the public, and the monks in residence are always quite happy to welcome visitors who want to have a look around. But avoid the temptation to walk straight from the beach to the temple in your bathing suit-custom requires you to dress modestly, with long pants (or a skirt for women), and a modest top that covers your arms.

Surfing Fun

Asia has become a prime surfing destination for those who seek the ultimate wave. Surfers visiting destinations like Padang Padang, Indonesia, or some of the warm waters off the Maldives, won’t be disappointed. If you’re an old pro, the surf will be high and the excitement unbelievable. If you’re a beginner or even a first-timer, don’t be intimidated though, you will find plenty of spots with more mild surf and capable instructors to get you started.

Beyond the Beach and Under the Water

Asia’s beaches are so spectacular you won’t need to go very far to satisfy your vacation needs, but if you venture out a little, you can also take a boat ride to get up close to the sea life, or even go scuba diving or snorkeling to get a look at what’s underneath the water. Asia has some of the most spectacular scuba sites, complete with places for training and for renting equipment. The Coral Triangle in Malaysia for example, offers incredible diversity and abundant colorful sealife; and world-famous Christmas Island offers amazing views of nature both above and underneath the water.

The Perfect Getaway

And the great thing about beaches in Asia is that no matter what time of year, you can find someplace warm. In the tropical regions, it is sunny year-round, so be sure to send a picture of yourself enjoying the warm waters back to your friends who are busy digging out from the latest snowstorm.

At least one day at the beach when visiting Asia is recommended. Some of the more populous regions, such as Hong Kong, will have more crowded beaches, but you won’t have to look far to find one that has room for you to carve out a little space of your own for the afternoon.

Asia – The Best Travel Destination

If the time has come for your vacation or a holiday getaway, read this article before making your plans. There are many places of great beauty and interest to be seen in the USA and Europe. But, whether transportation, touring, theme park, or food and lodging, it is expensive. This article is written for every traveler, whether a backpacker on a budget, or a first class – five star traveler.

Travel in Asia is inexpensive and opens the door to different cultural experiences. Planning can be for a short holiday, an extended stay, or choices of laying the groundwork for the ultimate stay, retirement. Nowadays, with so many opportunities to make money using the Internet it is not out of the question to “retire” early.

Medical Tourism in Asia growing in popularity. It is high quality and affordable. Just one of International standard hospitals in Bangkok serves 400,000 international patients annually, In the USA cataract surgery for one eye runs around $8,000. At a prestigious International hospital in Thailand cataract surgery can be performed on both eyes for around $2,500. It is possible to have quality medical care, and an Asian holiday, for a fraction of the cost of the same procedure in the USA.

Let us take a tantalizing glimpse at just some of the countries.

Thailand – Land of Smiles. Often referred to as the most exotic country in Southeast Asia. A visit to the Grand Palace in Bangkok for sure. Trips to a floating market or to the Bridge on the River Kwai. From pristine beaches in the Southern Islands to the Northern mountains with its waterfalls, elephants bathing in mountain streams, and Hill Tribe villages.

India – Delhi is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. India Gate, an imposing structure, has emerged as one of the most popular tourist spots in Delhi. The Red Fort Delhi, a masterpiece of architecture, is a popular spot. A trip to India would not be complete without a visit to Agra, famous as the site of one of the world’s most romantic, graceful and photographed buildings, the Taj Mahal.

Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos – Three small countries neighboring Thailand. Each opens a different world of exploration. Cambodia – the highlight is visiting Angkor Wat, an architectural masterpiece constructed in the jungle in the early 12th century. Vietnam – is a varied country, offering beaches, mountains and hundreds of years of history from the ancient Cham Towers to remnants from the Vietnam War. Laos – savor the crafts, culture and hospitality of Laos with a river trip, visits to ancient temples, gorgeous palaces, and traditional villages.

Nepal – Adventure, travel, trekking, birding, wildlife, and cultural & overland Safaris. Take an air flight along the Himalayas and view magnificent Mount Everest. Nearby, discover the serene beauty of Tibet, the country which inspired the Dalai Lama.

Indonesia – Jakarta, the capital city of the world’s fourth most-populous nation. Bali is Indonesia’s main holiday destination. Flores is a pretty lush green island with forests, palm and banana trees, rice fields and many volcanoes. Highlights are the three small offshore islands of “Gillis” that invite snorkeling, diving and relaxing. For hikers, a climb to the top of the volcano Rijani.

Philippines – An island nation comprising over 7,000 islands in the western Pacific Ocean.
Manila, the bustling capital has powerful reminders of the country’s past, along with attractive parks, fine museums, and exhilarating nightlife. The Ifugao Rice Terraces are a testimony to the early technological advancement of the Ifugao people. Take a jeepney ride to the market. Be brave, try balut, a Philippine delicacy. Go diving in the Visayas.

Singapore – Shopping on famous Orchard Road, the dream of every woman. The Night Safari at Singapore Zoo is fabulous. Chinatown, a little glitzy, but you can buy all the souvenirs you want there. Interestingly, one of Singapore’s most beautiful Hindu temples is smack dab in the middle of Chinatown. Decide if a Singapore Sling is worth the hype in the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. There’s more to Singapore than urban glitz, like rambling in the rain forest of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Japan – Tokyo is the capital city and home of the Imperial Residence and Emperor’s Palace. Select a popular destination or region in Japan and explore its attractions. Ride the Bullet Train to the magnificent city of Kyoto. Visit Hiroshima and the Peace Memorial Park. Castles, temples, gardens, the list of top destinations in Japan is too long for this article..

Taiwan – Taipei, the country’s booming, vibrant capital remains steeped in Chinese, Japanese and native Taiwanese cultures. Some of its most impressive sights include the Grand Hotel, topped by the largest Classical Chinese roof in the world, the Shihlin Night Market, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial with the National Theater and Concert Hall located directly across from each other on the grounds. A popular day trip is Tailuge (Taroko Gorge), considered one of the natural wonders of the world.

Hong Kong – the Pearl of East and jewel of The Orient. Nathan Road is lined with shops, restaurants, nightspots and cheap places to stay. If you’re in Hong Kong with the little ones, they’ll probably appreciate Ocean Park (aquarium), Water World (swimming pools and water slides), and of course Disneyland. If you’re in Hong Kong for more than a few days, then there’s plenty of outlying islands to discover.

It is often said that for the traveler that has seen it all and done it all, there is still Katmandu, Nepal. And, that too is in Asia!

If you do not visit Asia, you will be missing not only a paradise of affordable travel, but the chance to see an alternative living location. For retirees, it is luxury living for pennies, not just getting by on their pension. Asia, a paradise experience is waiting for you.

Reasons You Should Travel to Asia

If you want to plan a long vacation but are unsure about the destination, you should consider travelling to Asia. When it comes to tourism, Asia happens to be the best continent. This is because it offers a myriad of places to visit and to enjoy. Several people travel to various countries in Asia every year and return with amazing memories. Are you wondering why is Asia considered as the best continent in terms of tourism? There are several factors contributing to this. These are also the reasons you should travel to Asia.

Natural Beauty – Asia is popular for its natural beauty. It is due to this reason that it is ideal for those who are tired of their usual routine and want to relax for some days. Several countries in Asia are the best in the world when it comes to natural landscapes. Malaysia, for instance, is a place where you can enjoy the remarkable freshness of nature. Similarly, Sri Lanka has several attractive beaches to offer. If you are fond of trekking or simply visiting exotic mountain ranges, you can consider travelling to countries like Thailand. This variety of natural beauty is a major reason you should visit Asia.

Historical Attractions – Another reason you might like to visit Asia is the array of historical places it has to offer. Asia happens to inhibit some of the oldest architectural structures in the world. You can, for example, visit India to see and enjoy the remains of the ancient subcontinent. In India, you can also visit the famous Taj Mahal. If you are fond of history, therefore, Asia can be a great travel destination for you.

Shopping Destinations – Who does not love shopping? Asia is famous for some of its shopping destinations. UAE and Bangkok are particularly popular in this regard. Whether its antiques that you want to buy or modern adornments, Asia has it all.

Affordability – This is a major factor that contributes to Asia being a great travel destination. It happens to be cheaper than all other continents. It is ideal for people who want to be able to manage a long and memorable tour within a limited budget. Some countries, like China and India, are particularly cheap to visit. You can, therefore, enjoy a great vacation without having to spend large amounts of money!

Indeed, there are several reasons you should travel to Asia!